Friday, March 25, 2016

The Seventh Shipment

The seventh shipment has made its way to homes all over the United States! We love seeing your photos fill our social media feeds! The proceeds from the seventh box went to the Ivey family, of Tennessee, as they prepare for their upcoming adoption!

 (Are they not the cutest family ever?)

The seventh box held some great items that were near and dear to my heart. I love when the products and purposes tell such incredible stories!

BAM Essentials

I met Beth of BAM Essentials through my friend Sarah (remember Nutty Snacks from the second shipment?) a while back. We have been working to find the perfect fit for BAM in a box, and we did! She created several scents for the shipment, and they were all delightful. Purchases from BAM Essentials help empower women in Minnesota who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

COPO Market

When Jessica reached out about COPO Market, I was instantly drawn to their story and their handmade products. Their mission to "use creativity to empower women for such a time as this" really hits the nail on the head. They're meeting women where they are and helping them; I love that. Funny story about the spoons that were included: I measured, ordered larger boxes, and then got ready to pack and ship. Only some of the spoons fit--thank goodness for local pick-up! I didn't account for the handmade nature of each set of spoons! They all got where they were going, though, and they were beautiful!

Smile Squared

Smile Squared is a company I have wanted to work with for quite a long time. For each toothbrush purchased, they give one to a child in need. Such a basic thing we take for granted is so necessary to those who don't have them. One of my goals with Purpose Box is to try to introduce ways we can change every day buying patterns to benefit others, and this is a prime example of that!


Elisabetta of Kurandza contacted me a couple of months ago about featuring some of their products in a box. I checked out their site and loved the beautiful colors the women of Mozambique were working with. Then, just the right fit popped up in our Instagram feed! (Don't you just love Instagram?) The handmade cards we included were perfect for the February box! Kurandza works to educate women, primarily in Mozambique, through trade skills, health education, and scholarships for secondary school.

Yum Butter

Well, Target strikes again for this one! I saw Yum Butter on a Target run and was drawn to the packaging. Then I read a little more, and I was drawn to the mission. Then they arrived, and I was drawn to the taste! This is a "will purchase again" item for our family, and when we do, they'll provide a meal for someone in need!


Thank you for your purchase of the seventh Purpose Box! It has been such an adventure to see this little seed planted and begin to grow in mailboxes all over the country.

A quick note: we have many of you who have asked about recurring subscriptions, and I promise that has not fallen on deaf ears. We are working on it! Some changes to orders and checkouts are coming--hopefully sooner than later!

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