Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Ninth Shipment

The ninth shipment is out, in your home, and on our social media feeds! This time, we mixed it up a little, and we'll draw a winner from the #mailthatmatters shares for someone to receive the 10th box FREE! We love when you share!

The ninth shipment supported OneHope27, a Milwaukee-based non-profit helping children in foster care. We love all that they are doing and were honored to be part of supporting placement bags and other needs.

The stories in the ninth shipment were incredible, and you can see me share a little more about them in the recording from our second birthday celebration, held at Indigo Makers Collective in San Antonio on July 13th.

107 Market Street 

A while back, one of the founders of 107 Market Street reached out about being in a box. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful leather luggage tags they offered. They work to put artisans, retailers, and buyers together in the right place at the right time and have an impact doing good while they're connecting people. Stories are the heart of it for me, and 107 Market Street has them! 

Auggie Apparel

Auggie Apparel is one of the first companies I found when I started Purpose Box. They were behind us from the beginning, and we waited for just the right time to get their gear, which supports ovarian cancer research, into a box. We love their apparel and were honored to have them in the ninth shipment.

Marie Mae 

I am an avid lover of office supplies, so when I heard about Marie Mae, office supplies that do good, I was sold. For each item purchased,  Marie Mae provides an hour of business school for women in emerging markets.

Project 7

I found Project 7 in the checkout at Target. My son and I loved the flavors, and I loved all the things their company is doing! They work to effect change through seven key areas, and each purchase helps do that! Check out the full info on their website and see all that they're doing! It's a simple change you can make in an everyday purchase.


When the guys at Tribute reached out, it took me a minute to understand exactly what they were doing (with my experience, that often means it's going to be good). Then I got it. They are helping people make tribute videos (like a video montage) for others. They provide them for medical patients, returning veterans, and others through your purchase. What a cool gift to keep forever and see others love you well through it!

(We're in the process of making one for Purpose Box now; if you love us, tell us why in a short video here!) 


We love having you along with us on this journey! Thank you to those of you who came out to our second birthday celebration! We had a blast!

To see more about the ninth shipment, check out our friend Ali's post!

The Eighth Shipment

The eighth shipment has been unboxed, uncovered, and loved all over the United States. It's profits supported TEEMHaiti, an organization founded by three lovely Texas women to support women and orphans in Haiti.

The eighth box had a compilation of so many great items! We loved seeing them on your social media feeds!


Banded is a company I was introduced to some while back that took us a while to get the timing right. It was worth the wait, though! These headbands are comfortable and stylish, and they are feeding the hungry!

D&A Paper Company 

I stumbled upon D&A Paper Company on Instagram, and loved what I saw! They offer great handmade products and work with many organizations that they sponsor with your purchase. The gift card sleeves that we had in the eighth shipment helped feed the homeless in Oklahoma City.


SoloHope's In the Rough necklace was a hit in our eighth shipment. Each necklace was handmade, and the story of Glenda was provided in a card with each necklace. Purchases from SoloHope provide sustainable employment and fair wages to women in Honduras.

SoLoved Silver Stuff 

I'm a huge fan of stamped spoons, so when I saw that SoLoved Silver Stuff's spoons were not only beautiful but also gave back, I knew they needed to be in a box! Each purchase provides a meal for a homebound senior in need.


Thank you for purchasing #mailthatmatters and feel free to share! We love to grow and reach more people!