Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Fifth Shipment

The fifth shipment of Purpose Box has made it to mailboxes and been filling up social media feeds!

This shipment's featured purpose was Operation Baby Rescue through Leading and Loving It. Such incredible things are happening for the children of Guatemala through this initiative:

It wasn't purposeful, but this box had several fellow Texans in it! It is quite fun for me to see so many people working together for a common goal of being generous and making our purchases count!

da Bomb Bath Fizzers

Two sisterpreneurs created da Bomb Bath Fizzers, and they added a give-back component to their Earth Bomb! Each fizzer has a little surprise inside so it doesn't just disappear when it's gone! 


The mission of Mitscoots Outfitters is Give. Get. Employ. I love that not only are they giving back, they are helping those in need of a job in their community (just up the road in Austin) as well! 

Purpose Coffee Company

Julia and I actually share a mutual friend, and after discussing many similarities in our branding and such, we knew Purpose Coffee and Purpose Box had to work together! The coffee is delicious, and I love their stance for helping empower people around the globe! (They're doing all that from here in Texas, too!)

Rooted Beauty 

I'm always drawn to fun packaging, so when I started seeing the cute products in my Instagram feed, I wondered about featuring Rooted Beauty in a box.  When I read about their Woman2Woman program, I knew they'd be a perfect fit! (And can we talk about those face wipes for a minute? Wow.)


When Kelsey reached out about featuring ROWAN's Antlers for Orphans necklaces in a box, I was sold! They are empowering the vulnerable, and I get compliments every time I wear my necklace! It's the perfect way to spread the word about all they're doing!

Tribe Alive

When I began talking to the girls at Tribe Alive about including something in the box, I was immediately drawn to their beautiful site, but mostly to their story. I love that founder Carly's adoption prompted her move to a socially conscious enterprise. (Carly and her Tribe are our final Texans, by the way.)


Thank you to each of you who purchased our fifth box, shared, and spread the word via social media. It was our largest shipment to date, and I am truly excited about the direction Purpose Box is going! Your purchases are making an impact worldwide. 

Our Christmas box is sold out, but we have a t-shirt and gift certificate bundle on the site that would make a great gift! Plus, if you listen to the The Christmas Special on Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour podcast, you might even find a coupon code!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Fourth Shipment

Our fourth shipment has made it to mailboxes, and we have loved the response on social media! I tell you what, there is just something so incredible about searching #mailthatmatters on Instagram and seeing each of your boxes being shared.

This shipment's featured purpose was Tied at the Heart, an organization that supports the adoption triad and hosts birthmother retreats:

This box was once again filled with purposes from all over the United States. I love seeing the boxes come rolling in from our vendors and checking out the return addresses. Who would have dreamed I would be able to connect with organizations from all over the place?

2Degrees Food

I found a 2Degrees Food bar in Target not long after I started Purpose Box. I loved the idea of feeding hungry children when I snack, and was so glad they wanted to be part!

Corazon de Vida

I happened upon Corazon de Vida on Instagram, and their mission to empower and provide support for orphans in Baja really drew me in. Add in the bright colored logo and a cap that's perfect for the last days of summer, and I was so excited to have them join in this shipment!

Crunchy Clean

Ashley actually emailed me about her family becoming a featured purpose as they pursue adoption, and then the conversation rolled around to Crunchy Clean. I'm all about good-smelling laundry and helping bring babies home, so it was a perfect fit! 


Lauren's story is incredible. God's hand was all over the timing of our collaboration with MERCY iNK. I saw her post about a shortage in their fundraising in their pending adoption. Their timeline lined up perfectly with our fourth box, and I had a tiny bit of wiggle room in the budget, so we made it work. Unfortunately, they were not able to bring their baby home as originally planned due to a fatal illness, but I was so grateful to have had Lauren on my heart and be praying for their family during that time. Head over to her blog to follow along on their journey as they wait for the child God has planned for them.

Paisley + Sparrow 

I met Jen, founder of Paisley + Sparrow, on Instagram. (How many stories start that way these days? All of them?) Jen is all about sharing for-purpose companies and getting their purposes out into the world! She was generous enough to offer Purpose Box subscribers 20% off when you shop with the code PURPOSEBOX.

Raven & Lily 

Raven & Lily is just up the road from me in Austin, and I have been a fan of their products for some time now. Their products help empower women all over the world through design.  

Revive Bath + Body

Caitlin from Revive Bath + Body reached out and shared her line of products with me, and I was definitely interested. I love a good story, which is a big part of how I ended up starting Purpose Box, and I was ready to order! To make things even better, when I picked up the Revive products from the post office, they made my car smell heavenly--which carried over to our living room as we packed boxes! They work hard to help positively impact their city and women who have been victims of commercial sex exploitation through HavenATL.


Thank you to each of you who purchased a box, shared Purpose Box with a friend, or have otherwise been a part of our growth so far. The momentum right now is tremendous, and I am completely blown away by where we are in such a short time. 

Be on the lookout for our next featured purpose, and if you haven't already, head on over to buy a Purpose Box t-shirt! Each shirt purchase helps us with operational costs and allows us to further benefit our featured purposes! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Third Shipment

Our third shipment has hit mailboxes, and items have been received, shared on social media, and loved!

Meet our superhero family, the featured purpose for the third shipment:

Again, we had a collection of items from all over the country, and I have loved building relationships with the founders of these companies!

Buy the Change

Kari reached out to share Buy the Change, and I loved what they were doing! They are working with women to empower them, give them a trade, and create products that people love! I knew I had to have the elephant wristlet in a box as soon as I saw it!

Cheeky Home

Cheeky is a line I purchase often at Target, and I was so excited to collaborate with them! For each package of Cheeky products purchased, they give a meal to someone right here in the United States. Eat. Drink. Think.

GoodWorks Coffee & Tea

Sam, the founder of GoodWorks,  is one of the first people I found when I started Purpose Box, and I knew I wanted to have Good Works in a box. They created a special blend of coffee and tea for our boxes, and each purchase empowers orphans with special needs through vocational training. Your mug matters. 

Hands Producing Hope

I had the most fabulous conversation with Rebecca several months ago about the work Hands Producing Hope is doing to pay a fair wage and create jobs for women. They use strive to help the whole woman through economic, educational, and spiritual means. When she told one of the artisans, Eneida, about Purpose Box she worked hard to ensure the coasters would be done in time to get them in your boxes. Isn't that cool?

Sugar & Spice Organics

Ashley told me about her mission with Sugar & Spice Organics, and I was sold. Their products are handcrafted, organic, and support RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. Let me just say that the minute I picked the scrubs up from the post office, my car smelled amazing, and the scent carried over to our living room in the packing and shipping process. Ahhhh...


Again, I thank you for being on this journey with me. I know I keep saying it, but I am truly grateful to everyone who has purchased a box, shared with a friend, or given me a word of encouragement. 

A few items to note: 
+ If you are wanting a box from the next shipment, do not wait to order. I had so many people tell me how disappointed they were they didn't get one. Even when we added boxes for the last shipment, they sold out in less than two days. Please shop accordingly. (Remember, email subscribers get first dibs. Sign up here.) 
+ Want to pass on a larger donation to the featured purpose? We have some new options for that. Head over to the shopping page to see how you can help off-set costs for our featured purpose. 
+ Be sure you're following along on Facebook and Instagram for giveaways, news, updates, and more!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Second Shipment

The second shipment of Purpose Box has hit mailboxes, and everyone should safely have all their items by now.

Meet the Maher family, our second featured purpose:

We had items from all over the country, and several of these ladies are people I have met and gotten to know through Purpose Box. I am so grateful for the connections that are being made!

Dot Products

Hallie founded Dot Products with the idea of helping children get an education. She knows the names of the children the products support and proudly shares about them. I had the pleasure of meeting Hallie in Austin a few months ago while she and two friends were doing a roadtrip with their products. Your Purpose Box purchases funded 25 days of school for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Jacob's Scarves

Kiri started Jacob's Scarves after meeting a family in China during a semester abroad and seeing the cost of eduction for the children there. They're using fashion to change the world, one scarf and one child at a time.

Nutty Snacks 

Sarah started Nutty Snacks in her own kitchen, for her own kids. Nutty Snacks are delicious, nutritious, and filling! Sarah has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since starting Purpose Box, and I'm so glad we got connected. Purchases of Nutty Snacks benefit The Amani Project.

Thistle Farms

Becca Stevens started Magdalene House in 1997. Thistle Farms came later, as a means of social enterprise for the ladies in the homes. I had the privilege of meeting the women of Magdalene last May, before Purpose Box was even a blip on my radar. I loved everything about it, and I was so excited to be able to feature them in our second box. They have lots of other great products (I think I bought one of everything when I was there originally); it was so hard for me to choose just one for the boxes! If you're ever in Nashville, be sure to stop for a cup of coffee at Thistle Stop Cafe!

Writefully His

I met Grace, the founder of Writefully His, on the same road trip I met Hallie of Dot. They were sharing their products and stories, and I fell in love. I'm a paper lover, anyway, and Grace's stuff was beautiful and purposeful. I bought some cards to take home and asked her to please join in the second box. She gladly agreed, and I feel like I made a fast friend. Purchases from Writefully His go toward pencils and notebooks for school children in Africa.


Once again, I want to thank you for joining in on the Purpose Box journey and being part of something bigger than any of us could do alone. I have learned something new with each order, each box, and each trip to the post office. Thank you to each of you who have offered kind words, shared purposes with me, and told a friend about Purpose Box. I know many of you missed out on the last box (it's a good problem to have), so I promise there will be more boxes in the next shipment. Don't wait to order, though, so you don't miss out! Email subscribers will get first dibs on the third shipment, as usual, so make sure you're signed up for our email list--and tell your friends to do the same!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Inaugrual Box

Our first box was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who ordered and spread the word!

Meet our featured family, the Otts from Austin:

This month's featured products came from around the country. I love that we are able to share and distance is no object!

Messy Little Smiles 

Sarah is a bio and adoptive mama who donates part of her proceeds to various organizations. She makes fabulous organic lip balms, and each box included one! Your Purpose Box purchases supported Upendo Boys Home in Kenya and an organization called Machine Gun Preacher

Subsidy Shades

Melissa is an adoptive mama who started Subsidy Shades to help fund her family's adoption. She has tons of stylish shades for your whole family! Each month, she features a family that she supports in their adoption efforts as well.

The Olive Grove Shop

Sarah & Mary use their talents to create beautiful pillowcases. For every three they sell, they donate one to a child at Seattle Children's Hospital. 

The Shine Project

Ashley uses The Shine Project as a way to help at-risk youth pay for college. Each thread purchased benefits them financially and also provides work for them to continue to pay their way through school.

Trades of Hope

Jess kindly sent Trades of Hope promo cards to be included in the boxes. When you purchase from Trades of Hope, you are empowering women in Haiti and Costa Rica out of poverty.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who purchased, shared, was featured, and had any involvement in our first box. I am completely blown away, and I can't wait to launch the second box!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Order the Inaugural Purpose Box

Ordering is now live for our first Purpose Box shipment! 

Click here to order. 
Y'all, we sold completely out! I'm blown away and can't wait for you to get your boxes! 

Get mail that matters. 

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