Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Fourth Shipment

Our fourth shipment has made it to mailboxes, and we have loved the response on social media! I tell you what, there is just something so incredible about searching #mailthatmatters on Instagram and seeing each of your boxes being shared.

This shipment's featured purpose was Tied at the Heart, an organization that supports the adoption triad and hosts birthmother retreats:

This box was once again filled with purposes from all over the United States. I love seeing the boxes come rolling in from our vendors and checking out the return addresses. Who would have dreamed I would be able to connect with organizations from all over the place?

2Degrees Food

I found a 2Degrees Food bar in Target not long after I started Purpose Box. I loved the idea of feeding hungry children when I snack, and was so glad they wanted to be part!

Corazon de Vida

I happened upon Corazon de Vida on Instagram, and their mission to empower and provide support for orphans in Baja really drew me in. Add in the bright colored logo and a cap that's perfect for the last days of summer, and I was so excited to have them join in this shipment!

Crunchy Clean

Ashley actually emailed me about her family becoming a featured purpose as they pursue adoption, and then the conversation rolled around to Crunchy Clean. I'm all about good-smelling laundry and helping bring babies home, so it was a perfect fit! 


Lauren's story is incredible. God's hand was all over the timing of our collaboration with MERCY iNK. I saw her post about a shortage in their fundraising in their pending adoption. Their timeline lined up perfectly with our fourth box, and I had a tiny bit of wiggle room in the budget, so we made it work. Unfortunately, they were not able to bring their baby home as originally planned due to a fatal illness, but I was so grateful to have had Lauren on my heart and be praying for their family during that time. Head over to her blog to follow along on their journey as they wait for the child God has planned for them.

Paisley + Sparrow 

I met Jen, founder of Paisley + Sparrow, on Instagram. (How many stories start that way these days? All of them?) Jen is all about sharing for-purpose companies and getting their purposes out into the world! She was generous enough to offer Purpose Box subscribers 20% off when you shop with the code PURPOSEBOX.

Raven & Lily 

Raven & Lily is just up the road from me in Austin, and I have been a fan of their products for some time now. Their products help empower women all over the world through design.  

Revive Bath + Body

Caitlin from Revive Bath + Body reached out and shared her line of products with me, and I was definitely interested. I love a good story, which is a big part of how I ended up starting Purpose Box, and I was ready to order! To make things even better, when I picked up the Revive products from the post office, they made my car smell heavenly--which carried over to our living room as we packed boxes! They work hard to help positively impact their city and women who have been victims of commercial sex exploitation through HavenATL.


Thank you to each of you who purchased a box, shared Purpose Box with a friend, or have otherwise been a part of our growth so far. The momentum right now is tremendous, and I am completely blown away by where we are in such a short time. 

Be on the lookout for our next featured purpose, and if you haven't already, head on over to buy a Purpose Box t-shirt! Each shirt purchase helps us with operational costs and allows us to further benefit our featured purposes!